Review of Verve Kenya Kathakwa

‘Tropical fruit punch?’

Product: Verve Kenya Kathakwa



Bought it on September 30th when I almost ran out of coffee beans. I was having my regular Sunday routine, having breakfast and coffee at 1951 Coffee Co., then suddenly realized they are selling roasted beans now. Picked up this one and decided to give it a try. The price is actually lower than Verve’s retail price, with the roast date of Sep 28th.

Brewing Method

Aeropress, inverted method

Total brew time: 2:20, grind size: medium fine/fine

18 g of coffee, 210 ml of water at around 210 F

  1. Put ground coffee into Aeropress, gently shake to even the bed
  2. Add 50 ml of water to bloom, start the timer
  3. Stir at the 15-second mark to saturate all grounds
  4. Add the rest 160 ml of water at the 30-second mark
  5. Stir again at 1:30 mark
  6. Put on the filter and flip at 2:00 mark
  7. Plunge for around 20 seconds


Wow. What an enjoyable cup. The best cup I have had using Aeropress so far. The first impression I have is the strong aroma with a profound sweetness of some kinds of citrus fruit.

The bitterness is almost non-existent. The first sip is very smooth, sweet but not overly acidic. The flavor itself is vibrant, delightful with some tropical fruit flavor notes. Verve characterizes the flavor as “kiwi, nectarine, pine.” I believe the kiwi description fits, as it does give me an impression of a tropical fruit punch. I’m not too certain about the other two as I have not even tasted the actual fruits before. I would also describe the taste to that of pineapple and sugar-soaked pear.

The drink leaves an overwhelming brown sugar-like sweetness in the mouth. It also has a hint of hazelnut aftertaste. 


It gives me a very good impression of Verve Roasters. The coffee is very enjoyable. However, I do kind of miss the berry flavor note from Ethiopian origin beans. Besides that, this is almost perfect for my preference. I would give it an A+.


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